Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oceans Defeat (c) L.S.R

Image result for ocean storm wallpaperLike memories the droplets of water fall 
The ever-falling sea rises up towards the eagle's mighty perch, 
Falling swiftly in defeat. 

Cries of victory the mocking hunter exults
And echo's through-out the sky.
The sea becomes unruly,
Waves of grief towering with rage 
Vent upon the ever mocking, watchful eye.

Silent shadows rest themselves upon the battling ocean foe,
As night enters like a thief
Image result for eagle wallpaperCasting it's cloak over element and beast. 

Calming winds flow through air and water,
Soothed the ever-falling sea stills
Like winters ice, exhausted, 
Eyes closed, sleeping placid as a babe.


The ever-falling sea, 
Battle worn,
Surrenders to the ever mocking, watchful hunter's eye
Serene, but never calmed,
Until the chains of restraint and defeat are broken. 

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