Monday, October 16, 2017

A Soul for an angel

   It was a rainy day and we were flying. The rain wouldn't have stopped us anyways, not where we're going. The graveyard was the final destination for the day. And for one of us the end. I knew he would come and I was ready but, she had know idea what I was planning. All I told her was that I was going to talk to him. And she could wait at the entrance. But, I lied.
     "What happens when the devil comes?" she asked unaware of her previous fate. "When he comes just wait for me like you promised. "You promise to come back?" "Yes." I answered knowing it would be many years before that happened.
    We soon reached the graveyard and landed our wings folding behind us. And then I left her. And walked in alone. He was already waiting with the black chains. He probably knew what I was planning but, in the end it didn't matter whose soul he had.
    I walked to him and spoke"My soul for her freedom" His eyes glowed crimson as he smirked. "Done." He said and tossed the chains around me. Enslaved he then dragged me down. Into the land were death ruled hand in hand with chaos. Torment became a daily occurrence and I soon became different.
   Eventually,  I guess she found out because I watched the stars cry and nights grow colder. But, I never regretted my choice.  Her grief will move on and her strength return. Because while happiness and peace may be illusions, and sorrow and death aren't. They give people like her something to believe in. To help them make differences. She once told me it true what they say and now I believe it.   " A coward dies a thousand deaths but,a hero only die once."

Don't worry about the devil
I'll give my soul for yours,
Then you'll be free from pain and death,
You flew away on wings of white
While mine turned to twilight. 
My final act was to save
My final breath was goodbye,
Before I turned to raze
I said remember all my days. 
My wings are bent and broken
My spirit he has taken,
But, please don't cry my angel friend
I promise to see you in the end.
(c) L.S.R

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

AOW (Article of the Week)

         Does It Matter?
Image result for pictures of the constitution of the united states of america A poll was taken to see how much American citizens knew about the Constitution and the rights protected by it.  The results were shocking! Only 93% of the poll takers answered correctly while 70% answered incorrectly! A quiz was then taken by anyone from ages 18-34 and the same shocking results were found. 50% said they'd give up voting for the next two presidential elections if it would pay off their loans! A senior named Peter Berkowitz said:
“Few of the liberal arts and sciences faculty at these schools offer courses that explore the origins, structure, substance and aims of the education that they supposedly deliver. Instead they provide a smattering of classes on hot-button topics in higher education such as multiculturalism, inequality, gender and immigration. This is no trivial oversight, as the quality of American freedom depends on the quality of Americans’ education about freedom.” (Wall Street Journal)  
 And he's right.If Americans don't start teaching the next generations about the Constitution we will lose sight of what was won during the Revolution.      
       Put yourself back in the past. During the Revolution and try to live under the Britain thumb.Not easy is it? Especially when your poor and they keep raising taxes. You don't have any rights or freedom and soldiers are everywhere. Now imagine a world toady still like that. It's not hard. The Constitution,the Declaration,Congress and our government. None of it would exist. And there would still be slaves. My parents wouldn't have been allowed to marry. And I wouldn't exist. if I did though I'd be a slave. Now there would still be problems but, I can guarantee that they would be different. And just as bad! All of this shows that Americans are lazy,irresponsible,ignorant people who've been raised spoiled(I realize not everyone's like that). We've never experienced the hardships of life like war,slavery or mass destruction etc. I know there's mass shootings and constant turmoil here but, think about a life being persecuted for your race or religion. Girls are murdered if they go to school,wear shorts skirts,or any-other silly thing! Boys are forced to join the military and leave their homes at young ages! All of this is in other countries so, be glad it's not in ours! 
     Men and Women died to protect those rights through-out every war this country's had. World Wars 1 and 2,the Civil War, and don't forget the Terrorists like ISIS! Every person who's died protecting those rights,they're being forgotten. Because we're not trying to learn about what they died protecting! And it's still under attack today!I admit that I don't know everything about the Constitution or the Declaration. But please, don't forget how our country got these and why. By knowing this stuff we're starting on the path to give our generation a better chance. A chance to change the world for the good of everyone and thing.  

(Here is the link to the website I got the story from. This article was an assignment for my class I thought everyone would enjoy.)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Visions of Death (pt 2)

     " Lupa what do you think?"  There were only two people in the room. Reginald Carperst head detective of NPD Central. Location Asinis Oras. And myself, Lupa Hunter. Consulting detective and agent of the NPD.  "Do you want the truth?" I answered back. "Yes." He answered. I took a deep breath knowing it would be long.

       "Well then, To begin the deceased were all killed by a bullet. They shows signs fatal shots from a far distance. The skulls would have shown two holes had it been it close quarters.So we're dealing with a sniper. The fires are only to cover traces.
       Grenade pins and bomb plaster are embedded within the corpses. Suggesting that not only is the killer a terrorist and arsonist but, a messenger to keep us alert. Terrorists rarely attack without telling you why. And the message is quite simple to decipher using the cause of death as the key.  Whoever did this is calling us out, as a chance for revenge." I closed my mouth waiting for a response.
     Reginald was gazed out the window into the distance. Processing what I said. I just stood there watching the sky and my boss.  It was snowing hard for the beginning of winter. One that the papers were beginning predict would be called The Scarlet Snows. Only four murders and suddenly everyone believed that more would follow. Typical human reaction of course given the circumstances. However I had a feeling they wouldn't be wrong.
     I switched my gaze to Reggie and out of habit applied a skill I learned from a book. Sherlock Holmes' famous deduction. The coffee stains, smell of tobacco and stains from a cigarette. Wait! Make that several I thought. Noticing the different ashes on his clothes.  And a recently worn through carpet trail. New frown lines, his shoulders are tense and bloodshot eyes. Slightly bigger clothes suggest gained weight. A possible four pounds,not good for his health. Diagnoses: too much time in the office. My attention snapped back to the present when he spoke.

      " I know you've deduced me Lupa. What do you think?" He turned and walked behind his desk. Falling into the chair with an exhausted groan.  "What I think Regg is that you're disregarding your health and spending more time on this case than necessary. The answer to the question about what should we do is simple. Solve the case and unmask our opponents." I said calmly as one can when playing a game of death. "Then let's get to work shall we?" He answered back .


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fear locked behind closed doors

"What are you afraid of?"  

    When I was first asked that question, I couldn't answer. Truthfully anyways. Not because I didn't have any or had an endless list. It was because I couldn't tell them what really scared me. After all how did I know what I feared wouldn't scare them as well?
     My fears aren't completely ordinary. Yes I do sometimes fear stupid things like big hairy spiders,snakes or the coming apocalypse. But, those are just my default answers. No,they go deeper and make me question alot in the world. And it affects who I am, both physically and emotionally. Now I'm not going to tell you what they are or how I got them. But, I will post this poem that describes what fear is.

 (It was written by a blogger called Just Patty and she has many more amazing ones like it.) 

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Visions of Death ( Pt 1)

​   The news was calling them unfortunate accidents. While the NPD continued to be baffled by the the dead-ends and puzzling evidence. It was the talk of the city. Three deaths or "accidents" in one week with people who had know connection to each-other! And little did they know tonight there would be a fourth. 

     The killer looked at his next targets through the sniper's scope. The Albers family. Just a 15 year old daughter and a couple of divorcing parents. Ordinary people with no specialty in the world. The perfect targets. Especially when they were fighting in front of an open window! 

   He pulled the trigger. BLAM!  BLAM!  BLAM!  the bullet's instantly killing them, and unfortunately attracting the neighbor's attention.  Time to cover any traces of his presence. In one swift motion he threw a grenade through the open window and escaped! Using the fire as a distraction the killer ran off into the night, jumping over rooftops and sliding through alleys! 

  By the time emergency response arrived he was gone and the apartment engulfed in flames! Watching the chaos from afar he called his boss. 

   "They're dead and gone sir."  "Excellent, they'll have no choice but to send her out now."

 "And our message will be seen?"  "Yes sir."

 "Perfect, after all there are so many ways to bait a beast."

Saturday, September 16, 2017

My name

 The flower for Victorian lovers,  made with dignity and elegance. Colored, reflecting emotions her  petals are a gown.  Dweller of the valley is what my name means. I whisper it and hear a soft breeze, shout it and echo’s rebound surrounding me. Flower to all nations, a treasure when grown. The valley my home, a dweller I will always be.Defenseless and delicate is ruse to fool the fool.

     The sea raiders from long ago live in the  luscious cold beauty of ice and snow. Wondering, I think of their battle-filled blood. Does it run in my veins too? Two sides of a coin an and colors. Gray,I’m balanced and yet, find the peace still laced with questions. Races mixed, I’m a blend of all. Similar yet, I still strive to be different.  A melting pot of Irish,German,Norwegian,Italian,Indian. So many more I cannot count. Black and white I forever am, my heritage is a part of me.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Confessions of a big family teen

  Living in a big family isn’t something many people envision themselves doing. And yet, here I am. Living that great fantasy for some and dreaded nightmare for others. It definitely has  its pros and cons. You’ve probably heard the stories of families with major dysfunctional problems, or the ones where everyone is, and I quote(in my opinion) “ Sickly and unnervingly perfect in every-way.”  with the great life. See above, dysfunctional families, there is no perfect family! No family has zero problems. they may not show themselves easily but, they’re forever present.

    And then there’s the classic movies and shows, Cheaper by the Dozen(old and modern
versions), Brady Bunch and Sound of Music.
  Of course, my family isn’t dysfunctional(at least not in my parent’s and siblings view of life.) sure we have problems and quirks but, they don’t necessarily affect how we are to the world.
Boy, my family has almost driven me up the walls several times a day and the trouble we cause(mainly my siblings.) is considered only normal sibling bickering. Or friendly interaction(yeah right).
    As the oldest of a family with eight kids my responsibilities are big. In both size and number.  Homeschooling and having responsibilities is a-lot of work. I don’t get much time to relax but, I get a little more than my mother does. The pros to these are the fact that living in a big catholic homeschooling family. Has given me a chance to mature earlier. Once the third was born I became independent to help my mother out(mostly so she wouldn’t worry about me) with the little ones.

     In short living with a big family is hard, stressful and exhausting. The woes and pros are many but, reaping the benefits is up to you. You can either look at life with the view of a pessimist or an optimist, maybe you’ll find a different angle that I haven’t seen.