Sunday, November 26, 2017

Visions of Death pt 4

        He was known by the name of his game; Reaper. His name brought only grief and sheer uncontrollable terror to those who opposed him. His record of 60 identified killings, with plenty of unidentified to spare, was unmatched and unreal. He was the bane of Asinis Oras. Living for many years, as the city’s angel of death! Alive and well, despite every creation of doom that was thrown upon him; poison, radiation, maiming, stabbing, drowning, assassination and more. Reaper was invincible, presiding over the terrified prey he so endlessly hunted! As the years passed he became blinded by his rule, convinced that none would dare oppose his power. One mistake that would soon be his downfall,  because nothing is immortal and without weakness.
         ( 6 years later )
     His eyes flickered around the room. It was obvious he was scared and yet those same eyes held another look. Guilt. Sweat was trickling down his face, rapid breathing echoed within the walls and a restlessness remained present in the hands and feet.  

    The guilt of crimes committed, but no remorse. Even waiting for death he accepted fate's decision and resolved to die without self-pity. Memories flooded his mind filling the heart with a dark sense triumph. A single oath remained though, a promise that would be kept even after death. To rain vengeance and bring endless suffering to the girl responsible for this. And her home.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Visions of Death (pt 3)

 Immediately after our meeting was over I went to look over my clients. They currently resided at Hart Hospital in cryogenics. I swiftly made my way towards the building. Trudging through the recent snowfall and shoving the door open. Once inside though, a nasally voice greeted me.

      " Oh look it's Agent Loopy!"  "The mutant  has decided to grace us with her presence."  "What happened?"  "Did you come so we could give you a new ticker?"  "Oh that's right you don't have one!"

     I ignored the voice and its endless tirade of nonsense. It was Alex Johnston a lowly surgeon. She was one of the normal people who try to make my life difficult. I continued my walk down the halls, up the stairs and dodging employees. Til I came to a door on the fourth floor labeled  Turner Woods. The only person who would be able and willing to give me information. And access to the cryogenics. I opened the door and walked in to find him already examining a victim.

       "Anything we don't already know?" I asked him. Turner looked at me. "Well, Miss Casey Albers has zero traces of drugs or any other harmful substance." "Her father is a different story."  "He tested positive for alcohol and extremely high at that."  "And judging by the ash on the back of his pant's pocket, Jason here, carried a pack of cigarettes."  "Jessica Albers had the same results as her daughter drug wise."  "But, had high trace amounts of silicone."  "Probably from one too many spa trips." He finished.

   "That's enough to go on for now." I said, "Have you made any progress on my request?" I asked knowing it wasn't easy.  "About that-What is it?" I said cutting him off. " Well, the information is locked in the Hall library and it's off limits." Turner looked at me with a cautious glance. I sigh and rub my forehead tiredly as he continues " Reginald probably has the only access to the off-limits section and even then we wouldn't get in." " Looks like another walk in the night then," I say looking at him with a smirk. "Coming Woods?" I asked already knowing the answer. " Yes, better than sitting around bored."

Change (c) L.S.R

Eyes once shining, captured firelight
Faded, passion dying
Rain falling every night.
Heart opened filled with illusion
Wounded from the truth,
Deluded among confusion. 
 Vessel scarred 
Years misused, cloaked deception
Fearing dreaming demons, 
Humanity's hidden repulsion. 
Looking glass shocked 
People wonder,
What horror bestowed change 
Locking the child away.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

AOW week 3#

   Replacing Touch ID with Face ID
      The down sides to using a  Face ID are numbered more than those using Touch ID. Apple is attempting to make our IPhones safer with a security feature that won't be useful in many ways. Like Craig Federighi at it's first demo, you don't know if it's the phone or you that's doing something wrong. Another downside is that when the phone reboots you can't unlock it. Many people who were at the demo saw first hand how stressful and annoying this new feature will be. Touch ID requires less stress and is convenient. There fore many people will most likely use this ID instead. 
      Personally, I feel that this is a bad idea on Apple's part. What happens if someone uses a face mold to unlock it? Would it work? And if it did, that means we've entered a whole new ball game. It reminds me of a rumor that in the distant future your regular ID (in the military) would be a retina scan. Which also has the draw back of contact lenses, the blind (yes they work in the military too) and many other problems. So yeah Apple, please reconsider this feature before you actually release it!

AOW week 4#

  Students left pineapple in exhibition and people mistook it for art 

    My article was about how a simple prank could turn into a big trend. The pineapple was supposed to be a joke but, instead of being confused. People started taking pictures of the fruit, calling it modern art. The culprits were Lloyd Jack and Ruairi Gray students at Robert Gordon University at Scotland. They had left the fruit outside the Look again exhibition many times hoping to trick people into thinking it was art. What remains a mystery to the workers though, is how they managed to move and open the glass case. It would take 2-3 people to complete the move because of it's weight. 
     A similar situation was recalled in San Francisco where  17 year-old TJ Khayatan wanted to test a theory. People will interpret anything in an art gallery setting . So he placed a pair of glasses inside the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and walked away. He did this to help people understand that modern art may be a joke sometimes but, its how we express ourselves.

Devastation (c) L.S.R

A plead for aid in desolation
Weeping glass on every eye,
A debt paid in blood and life,
Caused from heaven and hell's strife! 
Belief and lineage set in stone,
Crumbled in divinity's blow
Atonement for vices done,
Battle nor eternity's war won!
Sighing mourners statues of grief
Charred pillars rot with victim dead,
Howls paint the red sky
Screaming one word,

Friday, October 20, 2017

  Hello everyone,
I would like to apologize for the lack of posts. Due to school and my daily life,there may be a time lapse between posts. Visions of Death is included during the lapse but, shorter stories may not be.