Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shining Darkness (c) L.S.R

Stars of radiant white light 
Image result for female angel alone in darkness wallpaperFill the emptiness with warmth,
Shining bright they dance across the forever dark. 
Time stands still when they appear,
Darting to' and fro' 
Spikes and sparks left in their wake,
Unknowing, absorbed without problems or aches. 

Image result for stars in darkness wallpaper"A ballet of light." I muse quietly,
Alone and unnoticed 
Silent I stand in the darkness, 
Willing and yet unwilling to make myself known. 

Surrounded by emptiness that seeps through the soul,
Doubt and fear pierce the heart
With thoughts blue as twilight,
And black as coal. 
The shadows calls towards the disappearing lights of starshine,
Once again the ever sweetly persuasive whispers
Reach and pull my essence adrift. 

Unnoticed or missed 
I join the inky, beckoning fingers of the shadows,
Floating aimlessly amongst memories
Confused at my existence,
Lost, and yet found.


Dancing round me, 
Spirals of sparks and spikes 
Calling out to me "Come and join our dance! 
Oh come and join the lights of the angles!" 
Surprised, yet shy
Afraid but longing for understanding 
Another calling reaches towards my essence, 
Stronger, fiercer, unwilling to let go! 

Torn apart by shadow and star 
Adrift, afar from both I am now,
Joining neither, my answer still unclear. 
A choice to be made, 
Neither decided
Instead I wait and watch 
Fading and not fading out of existence,
In my shining darkness.

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