Monday, June 26, 2017

Corrupted Prisoner (c) L.S.R

Image result for depressed female angelRelated imageHello old friends, 
I greet the coming visitations
No strength left to fight,
Or will to resist temptation. 

The sins of my past,
Awake with crying shrieks
Prying and preying upon my weakened heart.
Visions of twisted memories 
Flash before the darkness, 
Flying as though poisoned darts! 

Spirits and demons lurk within seeking my ruin
Freeing the pain from its prison, 
The wronged from a well of despair 
Memories best left forgotten,
Image result for depressed female angelSprung from lock and key give aid to the arisen. 


Bound in chain and shackle, 
Emotions are released.
Crashing forth the barriers break
Succumbed to their fury,
I quickly wither surrounded in their vile cackles. 

Beaten and broken
I cry for eternal sleep
Amid the lifeless desolation,
 Wish granted, death swiftly brings peace
Playing my soul for keeps.

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